Delivering high-quality wireless service is complicated and expensive, but XCellAir’s mission is simple – to give our customers the ability to manage and optimize their wireless network to deliver the best Quality of Experience (QoE). Whether you are a Multiple System Operator (MSO) relying on Wi-Fi to deliver services in the home and on the move, or a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) leveraging a combination of LTE and Wi-Fi to meet the growing demand for data centric services – XCellAir accelerates radio network deployment, simplifies operations and optimizes the network for the delivery of services – Voice, Video and Data.

In the face of increasing demand for wireless services the limiting factor remains spectrum. The scarcity and expense of licensed spectrum is driving two key trends. First, the increasing desire to use all available airwaves – both licensed and unlicensed. Second, the move towards densification through smaller cells – whether these “cells” are Wi-Fi Access Points or Cellular Small Cells. However, to date, taking advantage of unlicensed spectrum while scaling the radio network by an order of magnitude is either an unrealized dream or is having the opposite effect – dragging down the QoE due to interference and operational challenges. XCellAir solves these issues at scale via the industry’s first cloud-based, multi-market, Wi-Fi and LTE QoE solution.


Actively track and systematically resolve network and site level issues. Avoiding failures that otherwise would cause interruption in service and unhappy customers.


Unlock the capacity of unlicensed spectrum and radio network densification through advanced radio resource management and interference mitigation with the scalability only achievable through a truly virtualized system.


Deliver the QoE required to enable new services. Attain the visibility and network agility to identify and address new service opportunities as they emerge.