The XCellAir product is a virtualized and centralized software as a service solution that automates the deployment and operation of HetNets, integrates RRM and SON techniques with those operations, and provides a platform for the delivery of value added services over the network.


The effective use of unlicensed spectrum by mobile network operators is inevitable. The initial foray into unlicensed – Wi-Fi offload – has proved a useful band aid, but not a long-term solution. Due to the expense and scarcity of licensed spectrum operators are looking to build on the initial success of Wi-Fi offload by delivering a higher quality service over unlicensed airwaves.
This evolution will take multiple forms over time including:

  1. Multi-mode small cells that integrate both Wi-Fi and LTE capability into a single box;
  2. LTE – Wi-Fi Link Aggregation which combines Wi-Fi and LTE capacity at Layer 2 (RLC or PDCP layers) in the network but leans on existing LTE and Wi-Fi equipment; and
  3. LTE – License Assisted Access which enables an LTE base station to use portions of unlicensed spectrum to add capacity when needed.
LTE + Wi-Fi Evolution

LTE + Wi-Fi Evolution

Regardless of the evolution path the XCellRAN system will meet the needs of this changing environment.

Solving the LTE + Unlicensed Interference Challenge

To effectively deliver LTE service over unlicensed spectrum will require a detailed view of the unlicensed spectrum environment and careful selection of unlicensed channels. Both functions are the core of the XCellRAN Carrier Wi-Fi product. XCellRAN for LTE + Unlicensed will

  • Minimize and mitigate interference potential;
  • Harmonize RRM and SON across LTE-U and Wi-Fi to choose the optimal unlicensed carrier to maximize augmented capacity;
  • Enhanced Radio environment monitoring, mapping and visualization tools across LTE, Wi-Fi and LTE + Unlicensed domains; and
  • Coordinate capacity management across licensed and unlicensed bands.
System Evolution for Active LTE and Unlicensed Optimization

System Evolution for Active LTE and Unlicensed Optimization

Provisioning and Optimization

In addition to effectively managing the challenges of unlicensed spectrum, the move to a HetNet that effectively uses both licensed and unlicensed spectrum will require new advancements in provisioning and intelligent use of both mediums. The XCellRAN solution for LTE + Unlicensed will

  • Provision and manage LTE, Wi-Fi and multi-mode equipment in a single system;
  • Coordinate radio resource management (RRM) across licensed and unlicensed domains
  • Deliver policy-based and network condition based capacity management;
  • Enable traffic steering and mobility across LTE, Wi-Fi and multi-mode domains, i.e. allocate LTE to specific flows and Wi-Fi to others; and
  • Provide predictive analytics to identify what assets to evolve in what locations. Identifying optimal use of licensed and unlicensed spectrum based on historical metrics and performance.


For more information on our views regarding the evolution to LTE and Unlicensed, download this report.


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