The XCellAir product is a virtualized and centralized software as a service solution that automates the deployment and operation of HetNets, integrates RRM and SON techniques with those operations, and provides a platform for the delivery of value added services over the network.


The XCellRAN LTE Small Cell product fills the gap between vendor specific Element Management Systems (EMS) and the operator’s overall Operational Support Systems (OSS). In doing so, it solves some of the key issues hindering the scale of LTE small cell deployments. These issues include operational expense growth and interference concerns. Leveraging the core XCellRAN features, the LTE centric solution adds fully automated provisioning, auto-healing, interference mitigation and granular network visibility. The XCellRAN LTE system provides a common solution for delivering QoE across an operators’ different markets, including residential, enterprise, hotspots, metros and venues.

Automated Provisioning and Network Visibility

The ability to provision large numbers of LTE small cells from a virtualized, cloud-based system is critical to meeting the demands of dense deployments. The combination of automated bring-up of new small cells with on-going automated configuration management delivers a cost-effective solution to this core management challenge of small cells. Additionally, the XCellRAN system is a unified solution that works across different small cell types and networks alleviating the need for custom integration of different vendor specific EMS products and enabling a common provisioning approach across the network.

LTE Small Cell Configuration (Profile)

LTE Small Cell Configuration (Profile)

As demands increase on the performance and capabilities of LTE small cells, so does the likelihood of failures. Additionally, the complexity of the LTE RAN necessitates handling a large number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and alarms. XCellRAN proactively avoids failures through active tracking and pre-emptive remediation. The system provides visibility into alarms, current KPIs and historical performance. The key aspects of XCellRAN’s LTE fault and performance management solution includes:

  • Active tracking of faults and small cell conditions to identify potential or current issues;
  • Automatically enacting recovery actions based on operator defined rules;
  • Dealing with faults beyond traditional hardware or software issues, including identifying coverage issues and filling in gaps when possible; and
  • Receipt, display and tracking of LTE KPIs including support for 3GPP TS 32.425, Telecommunication management; Performance Management (PM); Performance measurements Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN).

Interference Mitigation and SON

Interference and coordination among small cells remains a concern as these networks transition from relatively small scale to massive deployments. XCellRAN provides a multi-market and multi-vendor Self-Organization Network (SON) solution that enables the coordination and mitigates interference. Key features of the SON solution include:

  • Centralized view of entire small cell network;
  • Radio environment map including neighbor locations, PCI information, radio configuration, propagation models, signal strength and interference dynamics;
  • Distribution of radio map information to individual small cells (across vendors and small cell layers) to enable ANR, PCI conflict resolution, effective RRM and so on; and
  • Centralized handover optimization, mobility load balancing and RACH optimization.
LTE Radio Environment Map

LTE Radio Environment Map

Multi-Market LTE Approach

As the small cell network evolves the operator’s management and optimization solutions should evolve with it. However, this is not the case in general as each vendor specific system is targeted for only their hardware and a specific type of deployment. XCellRAN for LTE small cells enables this multi-market requirement through a series of mechanisms including:

  • Growing ecosystem of integrated small cell products;
  • Flexible multi-vendor support for rapid inclusion of new small cells, including auto-generation tools and easily extensible databases;
  • Broad standards compliance including TR69, TR192, TR181, TR98 and vendor specific extensions; and
  • Ability to define provisioning, policies and optimization goals by deployment type and custom Operator defined groups of small cells.
  • To learn more about the XCellRAN LTE Small Cell product download the datasheet.


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