Whole Home Wi-Fi Advisor

Broadband customers are increasingly reliant on Wi-Fi in the home for everything. From entertainment to work, convenience and security – it all depends on reliable and high-performance Wi-Fi. That being said, most of us do not know how much speed we need or if a single Wi-Fi router is enough to cover our home.

The Whole Home Wi-Fi Advisor provides an easy way to answer these two critical questions and is XCellAir’s vision for the next generation of managed home Wi-Fi service from Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The ISP has an amazing opportunity to not only deliver broadband, but a comprehensive at home wireless service. The service begins right when the customer hits the ISP’s website and signs-up for broadband – providing a personal experience that delivers just the right speed and coverage tuned to your homes specific requirements. It’s then all about delivering a guaranteed, reliable and high-performance service. Finally, when there is an issue having the visibility and data to deliver best-in-class customer care.

So take a step into the not so distant future with us – we think you’ll enjoy it.