Application Notes

Wi-Fi Radio Resource Optimization Solution

XCellAir’s cloud-based management and optimization solution suite, XCellRAN™, includes powerful radio resource optimization tools to dynamically provision and tune radio resources. XCellRAN’s RRO algorithms run on a cloud server, and interact with the AP to set and change channels, power levels and other parameters. Our RRO scheme works proactively to avoid congestion and interference, and also reacts to mitigate sudden interference scenarios. Additionally, sufficient hysteresis is built in to prevent ping-pong effects from frequent resource adjustments.

The end results are the optimal usage of available Wi-Fi capacity, dramatically improved latency, jitter, and throughput performance, and a significantly enhanced quality of experience. The XCellRAN solution provides multi-vendor support, and works across multiple markets and deployment scenarios (e.g. residential Wi-Fi, enterprise, hotspot and metro areas).

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