Chronicles of the XCellAir Squad eBook

The World of Wireless Connectivity (WWC) is under attack. The massive energy created by their citizens’ unquenchable thirst for data and always on connectivity has become the target of the evil Interferons. The leaders of WWC have sniffed out the intentions of the Interferons to steal their energy source crippling network capacity and making connectivity nearly impossible – simply put – starving its citizens. They know their best chance of survival is to call in the XCellAir Squad – but will the XCellAir Squad get there in time? Can they stop the dastardly Interferons?

Download the first installment of the Chronicles of the XCellAir Squad eBook series. It is a fun and quickly consumable way to learn more about what we do, how we do it and why our solution is absolutely critical to enabling the large scale deployment, management, and optimization of dense heterogeneous wireless networks.