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XCellAir was acquired by Fon!

Posted by Amit Agarwal on 12 April 2018

If you are reading this you likely have seen the news, but if not … XCellAir was acquired by Fon!

During any major life event one question is asked by almost everyone you speak with – “how do you feel about it?” I wish I could speak to each of you – the ardent and consistent supporters of XCellAir – to answer this query, but sadly that may be a bit challenging, so this blog post will have to serve as the next best thing.

As you can imagine,  I have felt and am feeling many different things through this whole process, but the two that rise to the top are without a doubt PRIDE & EXCITEMENT.


Simply put I have a profound sense of pride in what our team has created in XCellAir. From nothing we have established a brand with broad market awareness, a collection of marque customers and partners, and a unmatched solution in our space with such value that our new home, Fon, felt compelled to make us a part of their well-known and well-respected family. It takes a unique combination of talent, expertise, grit, and luck to get to this point especially in the challenging and super competitive communications market.

I am also proud that we were able to turn what we have created into a great outcome for all stakeholders involved. Our employees, shareholders, customers and new home all benefit from this transaction. We have landed within an organization where our team can see the full XCellAir vision come to fruition. We have also become part of a company with a culture very much aligned with our own and an environment where our team can thrive. How can I feel anything other than pride?


Now looking forward, all I can feel is excitement. Becoming part of Fon supercharges our plans for bringing XCellAir technology to the global market. It instantly expands our reach to every market on the planet and increases the scale of our delivery team. Fon has a proven suite of solutions and track record deploying large-scale, high-performance WiFi networks that we and more importantly our customers will leverage.

Speaking of customers, not only do they benefit from increased scale, reach and experience but also a portfolio of solutions unmatched in the service provider WiFi market. Fontech’s products and services for Home WiFi, Community WiFi, and Carrier WiFi combined with XCellAir’s WiFi RRM, SON, Visibility and Analytics enables operators to unlock the power of their existing or new WiFi network like no other solution provider in the market. Then as those same operators expand their wireless ambitions beyond WiFi – LTE, 3.5GHz, 5G, IoT and so on, they have set a foundation with a solution provider that expands with them. Delivering on the XCellAir vision of a single platform to enable the deployment of dense heterogenous wireless networks now and in the future.

Finally, my excitement is for our new team – the formerly XCellAir and the current Fon team members alike. As I mentioned the cultural fit is uncanny which is the primary ingredient for success. There is a shared hunger to take our combined solutions, skillsets and expertise aggressively to the market and solve the most challenging, pressing and lucrative issues facing wireless service providers. We have an amazing opportunity to leave an indelible impact on the global communications market.

So, what am I feeling you ask?

A tidal wave of pride in what got us to this point and exuberant excitement for the journey ahead!

5 responses to “XCellAir was acquired by Fon!”

  1. Srujal Gandhi says:

    Great news, Abhinandan💐💐..

  2. Sudhir says:

    Proud of you…..

  3. Elizabeth DeAngelis says:

    Congrats, Amit, Todd and team. So happy to see such talented, good folks achieve great success!

  4. Ajith Kumar says:

    Hello Amit, Todd and others – Congrats! Remarkable achievement 🙂 – Great going..

    Ajith (part of ex ccpu gang)

  5. Amrish Bansal says:

    Many congratulations Amit, Todd and other team members

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