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Videotron, ETS and XCellAir Collaborate to Deliver the Smart Dorm Experience

Posted by Amit Agarwal on 28 June 2017

Last week Videotron, along with ÉTS, Ericsson and the and the Quartier de l’innovation (QI), announced the first suite of projects kicked off as part of the Open Sky Laboratory for the Smart Life in Montreal. XCellAir was pleased to be highlighted as Videotron’s vendor of choice for Wi-Fi Self-Organizing Network (SON) functionality and our support for the initiative at ÉTS. In particular, we have outfitted a dorm at ÉTS with XCellAir powered Videotron Wi-Fi routers. The new Wi-Fi network is not only delivering a blanket of reliable high-performance Wi-Fi, but also provides a test bed for next generation applications in context of the “smart multi-dwelling unit (MDU) building.”

MDUs are one of the most difficult environments for delivering high-quality Wi-Fi. They have a large number of people, with a large number of devices, clustered closely together and all trying to use the same unlicensed spectrum to connect to the internet. Standard Wi-Fi contention techniques reach their limits very quickly in this environment. The challenge at ÉTS is even further complicated by the dorm location in the heart of downtown Montreal. Due to this the Wi-FI in the building is also contending with many Wi-Fi users that surround the building. Presenting an excellent opportunity for XCellAir to show off the capabilities of our XCellRAN™ for Wi-Fi Service Providers solution.

And show off we have; the system has doubled throughputs while REDUCING the overall spectrum utilization – dramatically increasing the efficiency of the Wi-Fi network in the dorm. The consistently high-performance Wi-FI is now able to be used, not only to support the students’ daily needs, but also for researching the applications that will power the smart dorm / smart MDUs of the future (e.g. IOT, augmented/virtual reality, etc).

It is difficult to put into words how proud I am of the XCellAir team in reaching this milestone and excited we are to be collaborating with Videotron and ÉTS. This is just the beginning of the Open Sky effort as we are looking at expansion beyond Wi-Fi into 5G and technologies that combine unlicensed with licensed spectrum (e.g. LTE-LAA, LTE-Unlicensed, etc).

Please reach out if you’re interested to learn more about these efforts, the results we have achieved and our product.

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