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POTUS Puts White House Wi-Fi on Blast

Posted by Todd Mersch on 12 February 2016

During the annual pre-Super Bowl presidential interview, I still find it strange the president gets on TV before sporting events as a matter of tradition these days, many may have missed a huge revelation.

Some new social program – nope, bigger. Military unrest in some far off land – nope bigger.

The White House Wi-Fi is terrible (note: this is the point where you gasp in disbelief)!

That’s right. The leader of the free world and his family suffer from intermittent and unpredictable Wi-Fi performance. Guess he does put his pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us. Since this revelation there have been articles prescribing it to legacy Wi-Fi access points, security protocols, a long prank being played by George W…. While no concrete information is available it is likely a combination of these things – especially the Bush prank.

Whatever the cause it is a great example of the simple truth. Users are not buying internet service; they are buying Wi-Fi. Consistent, high-quality wireless connectivity is important, still not the “norm” and best of all valued. The flipside being, inconsistent and poor quality Wi-Fi is at best annoying and in general detested. Annoying enough for the President to take a cut at the White House IT team on national TV before a game viewed by 1 in 3 Americans. Operators which side of that story do you want to be on?

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