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MWC Survival Tips

Posted by Todd Mersch on 19 February 2016

On the eve of my ten-year anniversary attending the “Congress” (as us regulars call it…) I finally feel justified in sharing a few of my own strategies to thrive not just survive the MWC gauntlet. This blog falls into the casual category so don’t worry, I boiled down the dozens of ideas to my top three recommendations and there will be no mention of 5G, Wi-Fi (surprising, I know – it never works at the show anyway), etc… Just a few nuggets of wisdom that seem to work for me.

1. Dos zapatos: for the Spanish-challenged, zapatos = shoes (oh wow, so that’s where the name Zappos comes from), to be more literal I’m suggesting you bring dos par de zapatos. For many of us I know this is a difficult proposition. Nobody wants to check bags and, if you have feet like mine, two pairs of shoes leave little room for clothes in a carry-on bag. Figure it out – I promise it is worth it. Rotating shoes adjusts where pressure is applied across your whole body and when you plan to be on your feet for 16 hours a day that matters.

2. Pace Yourself: for those that dabble in the occasional adult beverage this one is for you. Resist the urge to over celebrate your new found freedom from the doldrums of a typical weekday night. If you let Frank the Tank out the first night the rest of the week is that much harder. Have fun for sure – it’s a great opportunity to get to know colleagues, customers and partners in a less formal setting, but if you desire a ruckus evening save the Tank for Thursday.

3. Pack Snacks: I have had lunch at MWC the sum total of twice in ten years. Not a good average. Go to the grocery store and pick up the most calorie- (and hopefully nutrient) rich snack bar you can find and buy two per day. Avoid the ones with lots of sugar – not a health recommendation, to each their own – but the come down can be painful. The corollary to this recommendation: eat a huge breakfast, you never know when your next proper meal will come.

I always say MWC week is the only time I feel like I’m doing something physical as part of my job. Of the many strategies I’ve employed over the years these have paid the biggest dividends. In the end, next week is one of the most fun, energizing, exhausting and useful times of the year.

Best of luck to you all and would love to hear about anyone else’s survival tips!

PS – bonus recommendation, do your best to not look like the person the pickpockets should rob, and you are an order of magnitude less likely to be robbed.

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