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Improving Wi-Fi QoE with CableLabs®

Posted by Amit Agarwal on 10 December 2015

Hopefully you saw the recent news regarding our efforts with CableLabs® to demonstrate the potential of Wi-Fi radio resource management & self-organizing networks capabilities. We are very excited and proud to be helping lead this charge – being the first vendor to put our system capabilities on display in CableLabs. They were able to quickly deploy XCellRAN™ with multiple different vendors’ Wi-Fi access points and conduct a series of tests that exercised multiple critical use cases. Use cases included everything from auto-discovery and provisioning to network optimization scenarios.

At XCellAir™ we believe it’s as important to have a cutting-edge technology solution as it is to enable the broader market to benefit from the underlying concepts of that solution. We will continue to work closely with CableLabs to that end and look forward to further initiatives pushing ahead Wi-Fi QoE.

CableLabs has created a results report which is available to all their members and can be provided by XCellAir. If interested in the report please submit a request via our Contact page or direct to CableLabs.

CableLabs is the registered trademark of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.  XCellAir and XCellRAN are trademarks of XCellAir, Inc.

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