Welcome to the XCellAir Blog! A few promises:

  1. Self-promotion will be kept to a minimum and if the occasional blurb on some achievement is jotted down, it’ll be accompanied by a market or technology-related piece or two.
  2. We’ll be posting regularly…otherwise, what’s the point?!
  3. Periodically, the blog will have nothing to do with industry stuff. Our team is comprised of interesting individuals and we’d like to let you see behind the curtain.

Enjoy the reads, join in on the conversation and come back often!

How to NOT Hate Business Travel – Posted from SW Flight 900

Todd Mersch — 27 July 2015

If you’re like me you spend way more time in the air and away from home than the average working adult. Some years have been crazier than others, but for the last 7+ it’s been […]

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Taking Connectivity for Granted – Cuba’s 35 WiFi Hotspots

Todd Mersch — 17 July 2015

Every once in a while you read a few articles over a few days and realize how easy it is to take the good things you have for granted. I not only rely but revel in connectivity – […]

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The Fight for Voice Minutes – What is this 1996?

Todd Mersch — 10 July 2015

Last time I checked everything is all about smart “stuff” (phone stopped being an adequate noun long ago) driving data consumption and in turn catalyzing the impending doom of […]

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