Welcome to the XCellAir Blog! A few promises:

  1. Self-promotion will be kept to a minimum and if the occasional blurb on some achievement is jotted down, it’ll be accompanied by a market or technology-related piece or two.
  2. We’ll be posting regularly…otherwise, what’s the point?!
  3. Periodically, the blog will have nothing to do with industry stuff. Our team is comprised of interesting individuals and we’d like to let you see behind the curtain.

Enjoy the reads, join in on the conversation and come back often!

Improving Wi-Fi QoE with CableLabs®

Amit Agarwal — 10 December 2015

Hopefully you saw the recent news regarding our efforts with CableLabs® to demonstrate the potential of Wi-Fi radio resource management & self-organizing networks capabilities. […]

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Monetization What About Militarization

Todd Mersch — 22 October 2015

You can find an article on “monetizing” Wi-Fi almost daily, but how often do you find one that militarizes the technology? Leave it to the US Army to take fair-share socialistic […]

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Huge Data Bills from Apple IOS9 Wi-Fi Assist – I’m Skeptical

Todd Mersch — 5 October 2015

The pendulum of love and hate for Apple devices swings ever more quickly. In the spirit of full disclosure, I tend to be an Apple fan over Android, but I’m far from an Apple junkie […]

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Improving Wi-Fi QoE Equals Good Business

Amit Agarwal — 24 September 2015

While not surprising to the team at XCellAir, it is not always clear to outside stakeholders that improving Wi-Fi QoE is both a difficult technical challenge and makes good business […]

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Google Gets It – Smart WiFi is the Key

Todd Mersch — 24 August 2015

This is a marketing guys dream – XCellAir & Google have something fundamentally in common. You’ll have to imagine the dramatic pause before reading the next line… So what […]

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Exploiting Wi-Fi at Scale – Making Wi-Fi Hi-Fi

Narayan Menon — 18 August 2015

Simplicity has been the name of the Wi-Fi game from its very beginning. From the outset, Wi-Fi has been designed for low cost, lightweight operation, simple interoperability and […]

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The Game of Homes – A Story of Content & WiFi

Todd Mersch — 6 August 2015

When I first joined this industry a decade ago there was a constant dialogue around “quad-play” and “taking a bigger piece of the wallet”. At least in my opinion – which […]

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How to NOT Hate Business Travel – Posted from SW Flight 900

Todd Mersch — 27 July 2015

If you’re like me you spend way more time in the air and away from home than the average working adult. Some years have been crazier than others, but for the last 7+ it’s been […]

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Taking Connectivity for Granted – Cuba’s 35 WiFi Hotspots

Todd Mersch — 17 July 2015

Every once in a while you read a few articles over a few days and realize how easy it is to take the good things you have for granted. I not only rely but revel in connectivity – […]

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The Fight for Voice Minutes – What is this 1996?

Todd Mersch — 10 July 2015

Last time I checked everything is all about smart “stuff” (phone stopped being an adequate noun long ago) driving data consumption and in turn catalyzing the impending doom of […]

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Business Dinners – Someone take charge please!

Todd Mersch — 30 June 2015

As promised we’ll periodically have blog entries that have little to do with technology or industry news. This here is the inaugural one. We all have numerous business dinners […]

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Integrated Cellular / Wi-Fi Access Points – an Idea or a Real Possibility?

Narayan Menon — 29 June 2015

Cellular / Wi-Fi integration has been a hot topic for several years now. The standards bodies have been addressing it, and some of today’s cellular networks provide “loosely-coupled” […]

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Price Sensitive Customers – Take Em’ or Leave ‘Em?

Todd Mersch — 29 June 2015

Unbeknownst to many there is a battle brewing for the price sensitive mobile customer subscriber base. Till date these customers have primarily been serviced by low-cost Mobile Virtual […]

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