Welcome to the XCellAir Blog! A few promises:

  1. Self-promotion will be kept to a minimum and if the occasional blurb on some achievement is jotted down, it’ll be accompanied by a market or technology-related piece or two.
  2. We’ll be posting regularly…otherwise, what’s the point?!
  3. Periodically, the blog will have nothing to do with industry stuff. Our team is comprised of interesting individuals and we’d like to let you see behind the curtain.

Enjoy the reads, join in on the conversation and come back often!

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

Founder and CEO

I lead the team of talented individuals at XCellAir. Among my strengths are to support and encourage and continuously challenge innovation while pioneering new products and solutions. I have spent my career in telecom, recently as Executive GM at Radisys and COO at Continuous Computing. I thrive on problem solving, collaborative concepts and won’t cease until a solution is realized.

Posts by Amit Agarwal

XCellAir was acquired by Fon!

Amit Agarwal — 12 April 2018

If you are reading this you likely have seen the news, but if not … XCellAir was acquired by Fon! During any major life event one question is asked by almost everyone you speak […]

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Videotron, ETS and XCellAir Collaborate to Deliver the Smart Dorm Experience

Amit Agarwal — 28 June 2017

Last week Videotron, along with ÉTS, Ericsson and the and the Quartier de l’innovation (QI), announced the first suite of projects kicked off as part of the Open Sky Laboratory […]

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Improving Wi-Fi QoE with CableLabs®

Amit Agarwal — 10 December 2015

Hopefully you saw the recent news regarding our efforts with CableLabs® to demonstrate the potential of Wi-Fi radio resource management & self-organizing networks capabilities. […]

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